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Before choosing the right certified translation service provider in San Francisco or the Bay Area, CA.  There few important steps you have to follow. Here in this article we include some of the most important recommendations. When you decide to shop around for your professional certified language service or translation service provider you need to:

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1- Stay Local : Our first advise to you is to stick with your neighborhood, and with your Bay Area location. Whether you need a certified document translation, or certified interpretation services in the Bay Area, time zone do matter.

The most important advantage of staying local is that you will be in the same time-zone. For example when you need any urgent updates on your translated documents, or any rush revision. Also you will be able to drop off your document, or pickup up your translation from your local office.

2- Focus on Quality VS Price : Do not be lured with the advertised online cheap prices which is always unrealistic. Those cheap online services might be using machine translations, and they might also be operating from their websites only. So they are not local, and do not have a physical locations.

For any certified translation services you need a company with a physical address. Because you do not want a company from New York to translate your document in California. The location of the company that will do your certified translation is important for official purposes.

3- Choose a Company with Physical Presence: As mentioned above, choose a translation company with physical presence inside the Bay Area. You need to choose a company with a professional address where you can visit on the premises, and drop off your important documents.

Most the time the certificates you need to translate include sensitive information, like names, date of birth, address …etc. So you do do not need to take a chance with sending those documents through a website who operates in a different state,or even a different country sometimes.

4- Do your Good Research on BBB: Do some research online when it comes to the the reputation of the company you are choosing. Especially on some official websites like Better Business Bureau. On this website for example make sure that the company’s business reputation is not less than A+.

At Elite TransLingo we are certified translation, and interpretation service providers in the Bay Area. We do meet all the above mentioned important standards. We are local, quality fanatics, with professional physical presence in the Bay Area. Not to mention the fact that we are BBB A+ certified translation company.
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